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Dougie Moe

  • Given Name: Douglas Dwayne McIntyre Jr.
  • Aliases: N/A
  • Birth Sign:Taurus
  • Hometown: Camden, New Jersey
  • Genres:Hip hop
  • Latest Release: Before Its Over
  • Occupation(s): Rapper
    • Bio

      Douglas Dwayne McIntyre Jr., better known by his stage name Dougie Moe, is the son of Arnetta McIntyre and Douglas McIntyre. Raised by a single mother of three who did the best she could, Dougie Moe grew up in one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the United States (Camden NJ). Later on in his life his mom moved to a 3 bedroom house in a small city across the bridge from Northeast Philly called Palmyra, NJ or as the locals call it (6 Block City). At this point in his life his father was absent and his mother was barley home working 2 jobs trying to make ends meet living in an over populated house with friends and family. Dougie Moe turned to the streets to fill in the void of his father not being around and him not seeing his mother due to her working two jobs. Athletically gifted and talented playing football and basketball. Dougie started on the varsity football team as a freshman with future promises of scholarships lined up.