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  • Given Name: Kashi Johnson
  • Aliases: Kashi Jayy
  • Birth Sign:
  • Hometown: Toledo, OH
  • Genres:Hip hop
  • Latest Release: Mixtape: "No Handouts" [Released May 26, 2017]
  • Occupation(s): Rapper / Songwriter
    • Bio

      Kashi Johnson, better known by his stage name Kashi Jayy, is a young rapper/songwriter from Toledo, Ohio. The 22 year old got into music at the age of 16. From his bedroom closet at his grandmother’s house, he started with a DJ Hero microphone and an old computer that could not even access the internet. He soon discovered he had the talent to make music. Rapping over industry instrumentals such as his idol Lil Wayne, he discovered that he was very good at writing and putting together great songs.

      In 2012-13 Kashi released 4 unmastered mixtapes – “The WAIT 1,2, & 3” and “Welcome 2 INkNation”. A year later Kashi ran into his cousin Bossman, who owned his own studio and had a good ear for music. With the help of Bossman, Kashi was able to put in a lot of work in the studio – releasing his first ever studio mastered mixtape “Don’t Sleep On Me”. His new sound caught the attention of a lot of his peers and Industry label letters. Hardworking as he is, Kashi kept going in 2014-15 by releasing 2 more mixtapes and adding a few shows to his resume. In 2016 he started working on an EP and another mixtape plus 2 shows in Queens, NY. Blessed by the support of his fans, Kashi’s hunger is stronger than ever.

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