Surprise! Inspired by his sister and the NBA Finals, Jay Electronica dropped his newest song “Letter to Falon” without warning on Monday (June 5).

Released through TIDAL for members and non-members alike, the song finds the often reclusive MC rhyming heartfelt bars over haunting piano keys.

“I pledge to never be no one’s burden,” he raps. “Mama said never disrespect your neighbors / ‘Cause next week, we might have to check for favors / That’s science, I could never thank her for it / And 20/20 hindsight is so euphoric / Keep shining / Nobody could stop your progress / Because unknown forces move some known objects.”

The song’s title refers to the Roc Nation MC’s sister Falon, who was also referenced on “Walk With It.” “Letter to Falon is to @FalElectronica,” he tweeted. “My sister is hella tight y’all keep spelling her name with TWO L’s.”

However, the song’s release was inspired by Kevin Durant, who is helping the Golden State Warriors take a 2-0 lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers in this year’s NBA Finals. “peace family. The last time we saw each other, you and your pops told me to release music,” Jay tweeted at Durant. “I’ve been so inspired by your performance in the finals…here’s a gift for you brother.”

While inspired by Falon and motivated by Durant, the song itself is dedicated to many others. “‘Letter to Falon’ is dedicated to all who are pushing forward through adversity, hard trials and hate from the naysayers,” wrote Jay. “#keepgoing.”

There is still no word on if or when Jay Electronica will release his debut album, Act II: Patents of Nobility. The project has been years in the making and continues to be highly-anticipated.

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