Comedian Michael Dapaah’s ‘The Ting Goes’ Freestyle Becomes a Meme

    BBC Radio 1Xtra via YouTube

    The internet’s interminable winning streak continues. Recently, London-based comedian Michael Dapaah pulled up to BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth-hosted show Fire in the Booth and stepped to the microphone. That’s when hilarity ensued.

    After initially assuming the role of a quieter MC alter ego by the name of MC Quakez, Dapaah eventually took on the persona of a swaggering self-created character by the name of Roadman Shaq. Soon, he took his rapping intensity to another level and let off a series of obnoxious gunshot onomatopoeias. “The ting goes, grraahhh, pot, pot, cot, cot, cot, scat,” he spits. That, of course, became the basis for a new meme.

    Within hours, fans from the U.K. and U.S. alike had singled out the clip and tweeted out situations the sounds Dappah’s mock gunfire could mimmick. More than a few Twitter users took clips from movies and replaced the audio with Dapaah’s rapping. Others simply took pictures and created scenarios his audio might apply, leaving other meme consumers  to their imagination.

    We’re fairly late into 2017, and there have definitely been some pretty superior viral trends hitting the scene, but this one has to be one of the best. Check out some of the funnier “The Ting Goes” memes in our list below.

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