Kirk Knight Releases "Take That"


    Kirk Knight made a big splash last year with his debut album Late Knight Special. Much like his fellow Pro Era member Nyck Caution, Knight has been able to emerge from under the large shadow of the crew’s star Joey Badass.

    The Brooklyn rapper looks to keep up the momentum gained from his debut LP with a new self-produced cut called “Take That.” Kirk Knight says this song is “ending a chapter in creativity to open a new one.’

    “My three eyes open, but I got mad cash/And a n—a out here tryna find a new thrill/And my new dime piece bust it open, cock it back/So she show me how she act where my hand feel/Like leave ’em Blues Clues like a n—a fell/Let that ass tell a story like a Copperfield/Not to play it corny, baby, let me cop a feel/Hit a home run then I get her outta here,” Kirk Knight raps.

    Pro Era’s strong presence might make some forget the youth of the crew. Kirk Knight, at the age of 20, has already made a considerable mark. He told XXL last year that he’s still learning a lot though.

    “I look up to a lot of people because I’m very young,” Knight explained. “So I just try to take from each person and add it to my little book of what my life should be. So that’s why it was a really changing point in my life because just watching Mick [Jenkins] get up there every night and just the way he stands and preaches to the crowd or just the way he looks at each person’s face is just like, that’s a whole experience. That tour really helped me learn how to create an experience for the fan and really be into what you talking about, what your message is.’

    Kirk Knight’s Late Knight Special is in stores now.

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