Lupe Fiasco Gets Insight in "Conversations 1″


    Lupe Fiasco provides another teaser into the psyche of his upcoming album Drogas with “Conversations #1.”

    A few days ago, the rapper gave us our first glimpse into the album when he posted the clip titled “Introduction.” “Where do we begin to tell the story?” Lupe is heard saying on the audio from that clip as a track from the Chicago rapper is playing in the background. “It’s a deep story. It’s going to take some time. We’ll get it right, though. Drogas.”

    Today, he offers a 10-minute clip of a conversation that apparently occurred in three years ago as the title reads “Live on the scene in 2013.” In the talk, Lu picks the brain of an older gentleman who has real concerns about how hip-hop is affecting the youth and wants to make a change.

    “We want advertisers and we want the media, such as the radio, to respect us like we respect ourselves,” the man explained. “As long as they’re profiting off of our kids and off of us, we demand that you respect our values and our morals. Part of our values and morals are that, during the 8, we don’t want to bombard our kids with talk of drugs, guns, and violence. We want to make other things cool so that we can have positive role models for the future.”

    Lupe has yet to reveal a date for the album, but he has revealed it will be the first of three projects that he will drop in 2016.

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