Ski Mask The Slump God Gets Jumped While Performing at L.A. Show

    Krishan Bansal
    Krishan Bansal

    It hasn’t been a great opening week for Desiigner’s Outlet tour. Just a day after being escorted off the stage during Rob Stone’s set, Ski Mask The Slump God was jumped as he rocked the stage at L.A.’s The Fonda Theater last night. You can see two videos of the unfortunate altercation below.

    In the videos, we can see the rapper giving one of his typically energetic performances before two dudes pop up and throw the “Snomed”  off the stage. The video cuts out a few seconds later, but in that two-three second window, we can see the assailants continuing to assault Ski Mask.

    It’s unclear who, exactly, is responsible for the attack, and even murkier is what’s going to happen next. One thing that’s as clear as day is this: XXXTENTACION, who is Ski Mask The Slump God’s close friend, wasn’t happy about his comrade being escorted off stage the other day, and he let the world know his feelings on the matter in a tweet.

    “Let them know whoever the fuck that is getting fucked in they mouth when I go on tour for putting their peasant hands on my brother,” X wrote in a tweet.

    Shortly after X sent out the tweet, Rob Stone responded, and unsurprisingly, he wasn’t happy with the “Look At Me” performer.  “I’m not Drake nigga @xxxtentacion,” Stone wrote in his own tweet. “Don’t come around here with that bullshit @THESLUMPGOD @xxxtentacion.”

    Of course, Ski Mask made sure to fire back a tweet of his own, alluding to a confrontation he supposedly had with some of Stone’s people. “@youngrobstone is there a problem though cause you see how your ‘team’ tried me we can tell the fans all the details nigga.”

    With those tweets in mind, it wouldn’t at all be surprising if Stone’s people were responsible for the jumping of Ski Mask. We’re can’t say whether or not that’s what happened, but what we do know one thing for sure: The drama surrounding Desiigner’s Outlet tour could get keep getting realer as time goes by.

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