visvim Announces New York City Store Opening


    This past July, Hiroki Nakamura launched visvim’s first flagship store in North America alongside its womenswear offshoot, WMV, in Sante Fe, New Mexico. This time around, both Japanese labels will finally make their way to New York City in one brick-and-mortar establishment situated in the historic Tribeca neighborhood.

    The new store harnesses minimal design cues inspired by the label’s inaugural F.I.L. (Free International Laboratory) flagships. Not to mention, a bevy of bespoke light fixtures and furnishings fill the retail area alongside glass display cases for a contemporary touch. To further complement the brand’s handcrafted ethos/Americana-inspired designs, the space will also tout custom “Jibari-Shiki” lanterns from Kyoto alongside a linen noren embellished with a handpainted American flag.

    A slew of exclusive visvim and WMV pieces will be made available for purchase at the shop as well as limited-edition F.I.L Indigo Camping Trailer products. To mark the occasion, visvim will launch a private opening party that will take place on September 13. Stay tuned for more details on the NYC store and find the address below.

    visvim & WMV New York City Store
    180 Duane St.
    New York, NY