5-Minute Belly Fat Destroyer Workout To Get Rid Of A Muffin Top


    Published on Feb 22, 2017
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    Hey, Six Pack Shortcuts family. It’s your boy – Jonny here today, and I wanted to do a little intro to this video that I hold near and dear to my heart since it’s one of the last things I had the pleasure to shoot with my brother Clark Shao.

    As you may or may not know, we lost Clark last year in a tragic accident.

    I spent hours and hours filming in the gym with Clark, and I miss that man to this day.

    Clark was all about living life to the fullest and helping those around him. He was a spark…

    So, as a great way to remember him by, we have set up a donation page with YMCA Greater Houston to give back to Clark’s hometown and community to promote healthier living and lifestyles for families and young people. Just click the link below to donate on Clark’s behalf.

    We miss you, Clark; you’re always here brother. This one’s for you.
    Today, we’re going to be going through one of our favorite workout routines for burning off belly fat here at Six Pack Shortcuts. This is how it works:

    We’re going to do 30-second sets of each exercise for 3 rounds. The workouts we will be doing are

    #1 – 2:10 – Mountain Climbers: Make sure to start off in a clean push-up position before moving your knees up and down – back straight, palms on the ground, and your arms just outside a shoulder’s width apart. You want to hop your knees up into the chest, driving your knees straight up and engaging that side of the abs, obliques, and core.

    #2 – 2:40 – Plank: From a clean push-up position, drop down your elbows and rest your forearms flat on the ground with your hands making fists. The key to correctly doing this is keeping your core tight and engaged for all 30 seconds. Control the tempo of your breathing to be at the same pace, all while keeping the abs tight and engaged the whole time.

    #3 – 3:10 – Knee-To-Elbows: We’re going to show you two variations that you can do to change things up. For Clark’s variation, get into position as if you’re going to do mountain climbers again, except this time you won’t be hopping your knees up, but raising them up to the opposite elbow and pausing for 1 second. For example, you would raise your right knee to the back of your left elbow and hold, then bring that knee down and perform the motion for the other side.

    My variation laying down is ideal for relieving pressure off of the hip flexors. With your legs partially extended and bent at the knees, making sure to point the knees slightly outward, perform a crunching motion. Try not to pull your head with your hands, so place them either on the very top of your head or on the side.

    Like I said guys, this is for 3 whole rounds, so make sure you are repeating each move 3 times total to complete the workout. Too easy for you? Increase the length of time for the sets or increase the number of rounds to make it more challenging.

    What are some of your favorite fat-burning exercises? Are you still struggling with stubborn belly fat? What else should you be doing? Leave all your comments and questions below or head to http://www.sixpackabs.com/discussion to let us know what you are thinking.

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