Published on Oct 14, 2014
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    Your the opposite of love your cold dark bitch I give you all my love and you dumped it in a ditch I have no real reasons to fuck with this bitch all tho she is the baby mommy of my kids i know that life changes and the heart goes weak but do you remember this first time you met see the sun rises in the east sets in the west now I feel used for years your my biggest regret I need a medic you fucking my heart vital signs weak left me in the dark all that I no is that I needed you times change doing my best is what I plan to do my way if you said yes id drop my music hit the highway your just a page in this book Ill tell them my way didn’t know this side of you has you up and down got you twisted 360 till you come back around

    Used to buy you what you need I now I need what I want Having time for myself rearrange now I stunt too bad you take them pain killers they killed are love if faithful was a option then would be above too bad you don’t see us like you used too that new guy he ain’t shit just a new dude I keep on building a life and my friendships they grow I got a buzz like I’m drinking right out the bottle but did you know I’m getting drunk all these nights Just reminiscing the hard time and all those fights time tells what you tell is wrong and I’m right the balls it my court you gave up that night best of luck to the old me and goodluck to the new me fuck with me you wish you never met me this is the last time I’ll be here so forget me going down the long lost road to my destiny

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